Spain tops European exports to Morocco

Morocco is a natural partner for Spanish investors. Equipped with an excellent geographical position, the country acts as a border between Europe and the African continent.

As a market, it offers endless business advantages to those Spanish and international companies interested in expanding their business in the Moroccan market.

Its economy is liberal, diversified and open. It enjoys a stable and permanent macroeconomic balance that fosters the best conditions to promote foreign investment in a country that during the last decade has shown a process of modernization and democratization.

Therefore, opportunities occur in several sectors in an under-exploited market that offers real profitable business options, either to identify business partners or to make investments.

Spain is the main trading partner of Morocco

From a commercial point of view, Europe is the main partner of the North African country and Spain, with 13.9% of total international exports in Morocco, is the first customer and supplier since 2014.

In fact, Spanish exports, in 2018, account for 41.6% of the total European Union in Morocco.

The high competitiveness of labor costs, the availability of skilled workers, a proactive Direct Foreign Investment policy, a well-developed infrastructure network, geographical proximity (14 km separate both countries) and good historical relations have favored relations professionals between Spain and Morocco.

The cooperation dynamic has allowed the two countries to act as business, economic and financial partners.

This has favored the significant increase in commercial transactions and the establishment of a very large number of Spanish companies in the Moroccan market.